If you are looking for a modern American Sports Car that is big on performance and style and NOT PRICE………..THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!  This SRT8 Dodge Charger is exactly what YOU are LOOKING FOR! SRT8 Dodge Chargers are bad azz in their own right now imagine owning one that is TOTALLY CUSTOM and ONE OF A KIND built by 402 Motoring Customs in New Jersey.  When you drive down the road, you might see a red, black, white or silver SRT8 Dodge Charger, but I GURANTEE YOU WILL NOT SEE ANOTHER ONE DIRVING DOWN THE ROAD THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS ONE!!!!  YOU will be the only one driving this BLACK, ORANGE SHERBERT PEARL WITH PURPLE FLAMES SRT8 CHARGER!!!  So if you like drawing a crowd at the gas station, mall, or wherever you go, strap in this baby, put your FAST and FURIOUS CD in the custom Pioneer stereo and take off!  If not, go ahead and look for a RED OR BLACK SRT8 Dodge Charger.  I SEE THEM EVERYWHERE and YOU WILL BLEND RIGHT IN.  Everything about THIS CAR is CUSTOM (see the description below).  It is just a blast to drive! It has been our family Hot Rod and WE DRIVE IT!  Car Shows, vacations, getting ice cream.  If it was nice out, WE DROVE IT.  COOL CARS are meant to driven and not locked up in the garage with a cover on them.  This is not some trailer queen show car ( it has normal wear and tear for a car that is driven.. some rock chips and such) but a FANTASTIC DRIVER that can be proudly shown at any car show (we have the trophies to prove it!).  When the car season was over each year, this car was stored (November to April) in a heated garage.  As soon as the weather broke in the Spring IT WAS OUT.   This is just a FUN AND AFFORDABLE modern Muscle Car with all the bells and whistles!  Buy it for yourself or buy it to get the family involved with your car hobby, that’s what I did! DON’T LET THIS SPECIAL ONE OF A KIND SRT8 DODGE CHARGER GET BY YOU!  YOU WILL BE KICKING YOURSELF LATER!

Kokomo, Indiana, United States