In 1979, there was only one car that high school quarterbacks all over the country could drive.  Only one car the guys would jump in and go tearing off into the night.  One car that you could pick up the prettiest cheerleader for a date and a drive up the lookout.  In 1979 that car was THIS Trans Am 10th Anniversary with the super rare 4 speed!    I am filled with pride to offer this BEAUTIFUL Trans Am.  There is no other car that brings bigger smiles, more love for your car, your past and your dreams.  This car was the dream!  And frankly, to drive it even now it still is!  Any time you turn the key to this rumbling beast, you are transported.  You glance down and your shirt is a Van Halen concert tee, your hair as you glance in the mirror is a lot longer…where did that mustache come from too?  Doesn’t matter now as you rev this sleeping giant.  It is nice cool night and you have the T-Tops off and are heading to get your blonde date.  She loves this car, its actually how you met her- how could she miss it?  Silver on silver and you can hear it from a block away.  Responsibility?  What is that?  All you have to do tonight is drive off with your date by your side in your Trans Am, smiles blazing, your hand on the 4 speed and her hand on your leg.  It’s so real it’s tangible. And every time you drive this car it all comes right back.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1979 Pontiac Trans Am (Affiliate link)