This 1971 Mustang convertible has exactly the right look for the period, offering Mach 1 type attitude on a drop-top, creating a car that Ford never built but could have. Add in a sweet-running 302 and plenty of options like factory A/C, and you get a great Mustang that’s worthy of the name. Bright red paint has always been a Mustang hallmark and it looks especially good on the all-new 1971 models with their longer, lower look. As a southern car all its life, this Mustang shows no rust or signs of previous problems in any of the usual areas, and the finish looks great. Is it show quality? Not really, but you’ll definitely get a lot of admiring glances as you motor down the road and queries whether it’s for sale when you stop for gas, and it’s worth noting that the car has indeed won its share of trophies. It’s the kind of car that makes folks fall in love and get all nostalgic, and that’s entirely the point of owning a vintage Mustang. The black lower cladding and Mach 1 style stripes make it look long and sleek in profile, and it still shows the classic long nose/short deck design that p[practically defined the pony car segment. There’s still a bit of chrome, plus a blacked-out front grille and the three-element taillights, all of which make it instantly identifiable as America’s favorite convertible. And with the ram air hood and rear wing, its performance look is exactly right.

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